The Movement Co. is a Sports Performance Clinic that focuses on helping athletes of all levels with the latest technologies and treatments in the sports, coaching, and rehabilitation world. They offer:

Chiropractic Care


Massage Therapy

Strength and Conditioning Coaching

Applied Movement Neurology (AMN)

Bike Fits, Pedal & Gait Analyses, and Orthotics

They provide customized, fully integrated, interdisciplinary treatment plans to optimize your treatment results (covered by most benefits plans).

Located in the heart of the Glebe (101 fourth st. Unit 1) The Movement Co. aims to provide a studio where its clients can easily access some of the best athletic and rehabilitation specialists in the Ottawa region.




OSSC Player Perks at The Movement Co.

OSSC members will receive a FREE personalized, sports-specific strengthening and mobility program customized to their specific health needs to heal & prevent injuries, plus improve their performance. Members will receive a customized report and exercise program (value of $200).


To receive this special offer, OSSC members must first participate in an initial chiropractic or physiotherapy comprehensive exam & assessment.


*** When you sign up for your initial exam, let them know you’re part of the OSSC! ***