Overheard on the bench...

“I have loved my experiences so far with OSSC. It really does feel like Recess for Adults” -Teri M.


"You’re doing amazing. Thank you so much for bringing me so much happiness (especially in the gloomy winter) OSSC is the best!" -Krista V.


"So far, the OSSC has been great! The locations are all clean and easy to get to, the teams are friendly, and it's been a great experience overall!" -Amy G.


“I like the OSSC and have participated in many, many sports for many, many years.  Over the years I've participated in volleyball, floor hockey and softball.  I have been involved in sports that I may not have tried if it weren't for the OSSC.  I enjoyed getting to play sports with friends once a week in a non-competitive atmosphere.  After high school, playing sports was very recreational and only occasionally, but the OSSC gave me an opportunity to play sports again on a regular basis.  I like the fact that so many sports were made available to me.  Also, of course the best part is that I met my husband, Michael at the OSSC boat cruise! We met four and a half years ago and are now happily married for just over a year!” -Sarah W.


"Love the leagues. It's great value for the amount of time we play. It's also a great excuse to get out and be active, and see all of our friends on our teams every week. I'm always actively looking for the next sport/league I'm going to sign a team up for. It's a lot of fun!" -Ghassan K.


"You guys do a great job - I appreciate the attentiveness of the staff and quick responses. I had some team sign up issues this past season and you guys were so great to accommodate a few changes without having our players incur more costs. It was really appreciated by all! Keep up the great work!" -Simone H.


“Playing softball with the OSSC has been an awesome learning curve and a great way to spend time with friends - to cheer each other on AND to laugh at ourselves when we're not perfect :) Thanks for organizing a great league!” -Jenn J.


"Overall I think the OSSC does an amazing job at offering leagues and I have had nothing but a great experience after each season, in all the different leagues/sports that I have participated in within the last few years. Thanks for all of your hard work!" -Caroline K.


"My employer had been looking for something to do for team building events.  Having played OSSC for many years I suggested they try the OSSC. It  has been a huge success for us. It's during the week...close to work/home for most and a great way to stay fit, have fun and create some synergy and culture for our staff." -Joanne L.


"Love OSSC, its run very well by a great group of people." -Peter H.


“It is really a great concept, and I enjoy playing very much.  It beats the hell out of an hour in the gym!” -Wendy S.


"Participated for the first time this summer - had a blast! No hassle .. just show up and play!" -Rosa N.


"OSSC is great, I joined it for the first time in the spring and have been part of OSSC. I've met a bunch of great individuals and had a lot of fun." -Anne-Sophie D.