Volleyball Schedule

Summer 2023 Beach Volleyball 6's @ OTLBC - Sunday - Intermediate (90-Minutes)

Sunday, May 14

Week 2
Block Party forfeited to Beanos 2.0.
Chewblocka forfeited to Popup blockers.
Below Average Joes forfeited to The Volley Llamas.
  Court 8
1:00 PM

Sunday, August 20

Playoff Week 1
Playoff Semi Final Schedule
Semi-Final Matchups: 1st vs 4th (A), 2nd vs 3rd (B), 5th vs 8th (C), 6th vs 7th (D). All teams participate in playoff games. Game times will be posted 48 hours after the last regular season game.

Sunday, August 27

Playoff Week 2
Playoff Final Schedule
Final Matchups: Winner A vs Winner B - Championship, Loser A vs Loser B- 3rd Place, Winner (C) vs Winner (D) - 5th Place, Loser (C) vs Loser (D) - 7th Place